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Antler takes you to where you want to be..

FOR NEARLY A CENTURY, Antler has been known for producing innovative luggage that built light and durable with an emphasis on quality. Since the 1950s when international tourism started booming, the brand has been constantly expanding its range of products to cater to the new and constantly expanding market. Now, in an age where everyone can take to the sky, thanks to the advent of budget airlines, the demand for highquality luggage is higher than ever, and the Antler range is built to meet the needs the modern traveler on business or leisure.

The materials of each Antler piece are tested to their limits. This is done to Antler is originated from UK come with 10 years warranty and sold over 50 countries worldwide.

Barry Smith products ranging from luggage, brief bags, briefcase, sling bag, portfolio, computer bag, wallet and organizers have become faithful travel companions for a vast market of 17 countries. The brand, which originated in the United Kingdom.

Each piece is built to fit any travel scenario formal or casual, business or leisure. Rendered in classy, high quality leather sporting elegant designs, Barry Smith pieces are ideal choice for professionals and those who prefer a touch of class. Functionality and practicality are given importance throughout the range, and original designs are crafted to meet the latest needs followed by extensive and testing procedures to ensure that each Barry Smith item is 100% travelworthy.

Each Barry Smith Bag comes with 2 to 5 years warranty.

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The company was founded in 1884. Since 1891, the company has delivered knives to the Swiss army. Their famous emblem-a cross in a shield has been used by Victorinox since 1909. That year, the mother of founder Carl Elsener died and he named the company “Victoria” in her honor. In 1921, with the introduction of “inox” (the French term for stainless steel is acier inoxydable) into their products, the brand and name of the company became the present “Victorinox” (“Victoria”+”Inox”).

On 26 April 2005 Victorinox acquired Wenger, the other official supplier of the Swiss Army knife, announcing that it intended to keep both brands intact. In 2006 the company had a workforce of 900 employees and produced about 34,000 Swiss Army knives, 38,000 multi-tools, and 30,000 household, kitchen, and knives per workday. Approximately 90 percent of its production is exported, to more than 100 countries.

Recently, Victorinox has licensed the Swiss Army brand and shield logo to companies producing watches, writing tools, luggage, and clothing.

Victorinox Swiss Army Travel Gear

Victorinox Swiss Army The makers of the original Swiss Army knife, Victorinox Swiss Army, also make quality luggage items and travel accessories. Victorinox Swiss Army luggage, totes, backpacks, handbags, and other travel bags and accessories feature a very plain and clean design. Victorinox Swiss Army focuses on making luggage that is durable, practical, and provides organization and comfort. Each item features the classic Swiss Army log.

Corroco¬†–¬†Originated from Italy specialize in handbags. It offers variety of design to cater for stylish woman of today.

The enticing range of handbags amalgamates style and convenience. Its product mainly made from

Monogram fabric material with leather trimming.